‘Please use this link to access the slides from the ‘Meet the Head’ presentation last night. It was great to see so many parents and to share some of my future plans for our school.’ Mr Taylor

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Our school is a successful and vibrant six-form entry 10-13 Middle School. We are also a member of the ‘Mast Academy Trust’ and the highly popular and very successful three-tier Shelley Pyramid of schools within Kirklees. Most pupils come to us from First Schools in the surrounding villages of Emley, Farnley Tyas, Highburton, Shelley, Shepley, Thurstonland and Kirkburton itself. We also have an increasing number of pupils applying to join us from neighbouring catchment areas. The vast majority of our pupils transfer to Shelley College at the end of Year 8. Close links exist at all levels between schools throughout the pyramid, ensuring continuity, progression and effective transfer between phases.

The three years between the ages of ten and thirteen are characterised by rapid physical, social and emotional change and are of great significance in the academic and social development of young people. KMS provides a welcoming and secure environment in which pupils enter as young children and leave as confident young adults, each developing at the rate that is right for them.  We specialise in supporting, nurturing and guiding young children through this time in their lives – emotionally, socially and academically – in order that they are able to achieve well and feel safe. We believe strongly in the importance of the principles of inclusion, the development of the whole child and meeting the needs of the individual. To this end we provide a broad and balanced curriculum, together with an extensive range of enrichment and extra-curricular activities. Attendance is excellent, bullying and vandalism are rare and pupils tell us they feel safe and well-cared for. High standards of work, dress and behaviour are maintained and relationships between all members of our school are excellent. We are a school which has Safeguarding and children’s safety and happiness at its heart. Our vetting and induction procedures for adults are rigorous and training is thorough. Safety permeates all aspects of our work in school. Teaching pupils about how to keep themselves safe, especially when on-line, is paramount. Through parental questionnaires, parents tell us they are very happy with their child’s experience at school, the progress their children make and the quality of teaching their child receives.

We believe that development best takes place in a calm and orderly atmosphere where young people are encouraged to behave in an appropriate manner and where self-discipline is important and valued. Pupils are encouraged to take responsibility for themselves and others and see themselves as citizens of the community, citizens who can make a difference.

Chris Taylor