Caythorpe Court is a PGL Centre near Grantham, specifically developed to meet the needs of school groups. It is a Grade II listed mansion house, with extensive facilities, set in 50 acres of superb grounds. It is able to offer a vast
array of outdoor pursuit activities including Kayaking, Abseiling, Archery, Climbing, and Motorsports.  PGL Adventure is the leading provider of activity courses for schools and youth groups in the UK. Indeed, a number of Kirkburton pupils may have had the opportunity to experience PGL Boreatton Park whilst at First School. The purpose of this visit to Caythorpe is to give pupils exciting opportunities, quite often new, to develop physical skills in challenging situations and to nurture important social skills, such as trust, responsibility, teamwork and leadership.  The pupils will leave school at 12:30 pm on Friday 13 July and will return at 8.30 pm on Sunday 15 July 2018.  The total cost of the trip will be £164.00. 

Payment schedule is as follows :

£35.00 Deposit payable by Monday 30 October 2017
£35.00 by Monday 5 February 2018
£35.00 by Monday 5 March 2018
£35.00 by Monday 16 April 2018
£24.00 by 14 May 2018


See more of the centre, including sample itineraries, on the PGL site here