The central purpose of PSE education at KMS is centred on the fundamental belief that all children/citizens are entitled to make informed choices about their lives.
As our students transition from children to teenagers to young adults they are increasingly required to make significant life choices which have implications for themselves. For example making choices about personal health, lifestyle choices, personal safety and security and  preparing for life as a citizen in modern Britain.
PSE at KMS is delivered in an environment which is impartial and non-judgemental where students are allow to discuss, ask questions, explore their own understanding within a framework which both enhances their skills in expressing personal opinions and challenges their understanding of the community and society which they live in.
Lessons activities include debate and discussion, team work/group work, opportunities to voice their own opinion in written and verbal formats and time spent on personal reflection.

The principles of equality, fairness, justice, democracy and advocacy are embedded throughout the scheme of learning and pupils are taught how to keep themselves safe and well both mentally and physically.