Aims of the Curriculum

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 Design Technology at Kirkburton Middle School allows pupils to use their creativity,
imagination and problem solving skills to design and make products within a variety
of contexts for a range of intended users.
The curriculum covers Product Design, Food Preparation and Nutrition and Textiles.
Pupils learn about the work of past and present designers, classic British designs and designing from cultures across the world.
They acquire a broad range of subject knowledge and practically apply knowledge from other subjects such as Maths, Science, Geography, Computing etc.
Pupils learn how to take risks, and become resourceful, innovative and enterprising citizens enabling them to make an essential future contribution to the creativity, culture, wealth and well-being of the nation. Pupils understand the environmental impact of the  materials they are using and think about how they can live in a more sustainable world.
They learn a wide range of skills using hand tools, machines and computer aided designing and manufacturing (CAD/CAM). They have use of a Laser cutter, sublimation printer and 3D printer enabling them to design and produce industry standard products.
In Food preparation and nutrition pupils learn where their food comes from and they understand and apply the principles of nutrition and how to cook. They cook a variety of dishes from different cultures and learn the food science behind the dishes they make as well as the nutritional content.
The Design and Technology department offers an open door policy at lunchtimes
where pupils can catch up on work or simply develop their own skills and knowledge.
See some of the fabulous work on the Art and DT Instagram here (KMSArtDT) and twitter

What career…?

Food and Drink industries, Food Science and Technology , Cooking and Food Preparation , Occupational Therapy , Home Economist/Consumer Scientist , Critic/ Writer, Food Designer / Advisor, Food for Industry

Fashion Designer , Textile and Surface Design , Clothing Industry , Footwear Designer, Textile Designer, Buyer, Window Design, Technical Adviser, Fashion Writer, Exhibition Design , Graphic Designer , Interior Design , Sign Making , Packaging Design, Marketing , Multimedia and Interactive Media , Film Industry, Technical Writing , Publishing , Theatre Design

Computer Game Designer, Graphic Crafts , Illustrator, Stage Designer, Website Design, Industrial Designer, Model Maker, Product Designer, Manufacturing , Architecture , Civil Engineering , Craftsman, Engineering , Design Engineering , Medical Engineering, Electronic Engineering , Automotive Design , Landscape Architecture , Practical Work , Construction , Carpentry and Joinery , Land-Based Engineering , Shipbuilding , Rural Crafts , Cabinetmaking, Furniture Design , Teaching , Trading Standards , Environment Technology, Materials Science