The school is currently undertaking a major review of the school curriculum. This work will be undertaken throughout 2018-19 therefore the information presented in our ‘Curriculum’ area is subject to change.

Through the curriculum we aim to enrich the lives of all pupils, enable them to fulfil their potential, achieve the highest standards they can and provide them with the concepts, knowledge and skills which they will need later in life. Whilst pupils are at our school our aim is that they will develop enthusiasm for learning and that when they leave they will have the ability to make informed choices in order that they are able to lead a full and active life within our multi-cultural society.

Our curriculum is under-pinned by a strong emphasis on the development of the knowledge, skills and attributes necessary in order that pupils are able to become confident, independent and successful individuals. Whilst recognising that children’s rates of progress will differ, the fundamental objective is to ensure that all pupils’ expectations and levels of achievement are raised and that all individuals are respected and valued and make the maximum progress possible. It is important to us that children develop personally as well as academically, developing empathy with, and understanding of, the needs and beliefs of others. The skills of team-work, personal organisation, independent learning, creativity and self-reflection are embedded throughout all subjects. These skills are crucial in enabling pupils to develop into well-rounded individuals who feel empowered to contribute to society and act as advocates for others.

The timetable is organized in to 5 lessons each day of approximately one hour, three in the morning and two in the afternoon, along with reading sessions three times per week. Pupils move to specialist teachers in different rooms and specialist teaching areas for each subject. All pupils follow a broad and balanced range of studies in line with the National Curriculum, suitably enriched by a range of activities, educational visits and visitors to the school.

Most subjects are taught in mixed ability teaching groups, with pupils being taught in ‘sets’ for English and Mathematics in all year groups and French in year 8. Activities in lessons are designed to address the different needs and learning styles of all of our pupils.

To support pupil learning; there are over one hundred computers in school, which are used not only for the teaching of Computing but to support learning in all subject areas across the school.

Details of the curriculum offered in each subject, each term can be found on the relevant pages of this website.If you require any further information about the Curriculum at Kirkburton Middle, please contact Mr John Papworth, Assistant Headteacher.