New school, New friends

The pupils spend time getting to know each other through activities such as Circle Time and role play. They get to know the school – the people, the ethos, the systems and rules.  This unit includes work on bullying and friendships and why it is important to treat everyone with respect. Students are also taught how to stay safe online.


Students complete the unit of work ‘What do I want to be when I grow up?’ They consider what they enjoy doing, and what they are good at. They learn what a career is, and safety rules that help us keep safe when we are learning. They consider the importance of making a good first impression, and think about their strengths and weaknesses.

This unit of work has an emphasis on loving, caring, relationships, and the different types of relationships there are. Students watch a video called ‘love has no labels’, and think about the different types of relationships featured in the video. Students consider who loving relationships can be between, and how it must be consensual. They finish by writing a recipe for a loving relationship. 

Mental, Emotional Health and Wellbeing

This unit begins with a focus on the Disney Pixar animation ‘Inside Out’. Students consider how the main character of the story feels in certain situations, and discuss how she manages situations that are difficult for her. Throughout the unit, students have a different focus each lesson. These include: What makes you, you?, It’s okay to not be okay, coping strategies and seeking help. They also focus on the 5 ways to wellbeing.

RSHE- Changing me

By the end of the unit, students will be able to describe the changes people’s bodies go through during puberty and know how to look after their changing bodies. They consider what physical changes happen during puberty to both the male and female body, and also consider the emotional changes that take place during puberty. They also study the human life cycle; sexual intercourse and foetal development.

Health and Safety – First Aid

During the year, students take part in a ‘Flat Stan’ First Aid Workshop. Here they learn the basics of First Aid, learning how to help someone in a situation of need.