New School, New Friends

The pupils spend time getting to know each other through activities such as Circle Time and role play. They also and get to know the school – the people, the ethos, the systems and rules. They discuss what worries them most about being in a new school and are given information and strategies to help them. The children also think about their hopes and ambitions for the future. This unit also includes work on bullying and friendships and why it is important to treat everyone with respect.

Health and Safety – Road Safety

Work covered in this unit includes: travelling safely as a cyclist; safety whilst travelling in a car; and safety as a pedestrian, including looking at aspects of The Highway Code.

Relationships and Sexual Health Education
This unit uses materials produced and suggested by Kirklees LA. The emphasis is on loving, caring, relationships within a variety of family units. Pupils will: consider the emotional and physical changes which take place during puberty; study the human life cycle; sexual intercourse; foetal development; and child care.