During Year 6 Pupils are expected to make progress against a range of Key Performance Indicators as outlined below

KPIs (Based around an idea of Historical Concepts)

1. Knowledge and understanding (Including historical vocabulary and Chronology)
2. Writing – Communicating using Analytical narrative
3. Using Evidence
4. Historical Interpretation
5. Cause and Consequence (Including Significance)
6. Change and Continuity (Including Similarity and Difference)

These KPIs are assessed throughout a range of topics

Pupils the Roman invasion of Britain. They study the Roman Empire and it expansion as well as why the Empire eventually collapsed.

  • Why did the Romans invade Britain?
  • How mighty was the Roman Army?
  • Why did Boudicca stand up to the Romans?
  • What did Boudicca really look like and how do we know?
  • Why were roads so important to the Roman Empire?
  • How innovative were the Romans?
  • Why did the Roman Empire collapse?

Summer Term

During the third term pupils look at the Period following the Romans and how Europe was thrown into the Dark Ages following the Collapse of Rome. In contrast the Islamic world thrived and pupils look at the so called ‘Golden age’ of Baghdad.