During year 6 pupils rotate History and geography on their time table so that both subjects are studied in each school term. Over the year therefore they have 3 blocks of History study each lasting approximately 6 lessons. 
The aim is to develop key historical skills throughout these lessons. Pupils should:

  •  Have a clear understanding of Chronology and be able to use appropriate historical vocabulary to describe the passage of time and key events in History.
  • Produce written work that communicates ideas in a clear organised manner.
  • Be able to use different sources of information and appreciate source bias and reliability
  • Demonstrate an understanding of key historical concepts such as Historical interpretation, Cause and consequence, Significance, Change and Continuity, Similarity and Difference.


During the first block pupils focus on various key skills in History

  • Time and Chronology
  • Evidence and Sources
  • Categorising Time
  • Interpretation and bias
  • Cause and Consequence
  • Change and Continuity


During the second block of History pupils study The Romans as a topic area and focus on the following key enquiry questions

  • Why did the Romans invade Britain?
  • How mighty was the Roman Army?
  • Why did Boudicca stand up to the Romans?
  • How good were the Romans?


During the third block of History pupils study the Anglo-Saxons as a topic area and focus on the following key enquiry questions

  • Why did the Anglo-Saxons invade and where did they settle?
  • What does the mystery of the Empty grave tell us about Saxon Britain?
  • How did people’s lives change when Christianity came to Britain?
  • How were the Saxons able to see off the Viking Threat? 790-1066
  • How dark were the Dark Ages?