Mobile Phones

Pupils should only bring a mobile phone to school if it is essential for use before or after school.  All mobiles must be handed in to their class teacher at the start of each school day for safekeeping by their Pupil Achievement Leader. If pupils arrive late to school they should hand their mobile phone in to the school office for safekeeping when they arrive at school – this includes when buses arrive after 9.05am.


Failure to adhere to this rule will result in an after-school detention.

The school accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to phones that are not handed in to Pupil Achievement Leaders or the school office.


Money and Valuables

Pupils are strongly advised not to bring valuable items or large amounts of money to school.  Money should be restricted to bus fares.  The vast majority of payments for school-related items and activities are paid through Parent Pay. Any money brought into school for any payment should be handed in as soon as possible. If large amounts of money or valuables have to be brought for any other reason, they must never be left in classrooms or cloakrooms, but instead they should be given to the Form Tutor or handed in to the School Office for safekeeping.