Music is a universal language which gives pupils the opportunity to express themselves and be creative through a variety of musical genres.

Music teaches pupils to work collaboratively, develop confidence and high self-esteem.  It encourages pupils to be sympathetic, sensitive and compassionate, whilst encouraging a love of music, engaging with music and appreciating music from a range of musical styles, genres and traditions.

There are three main areas in music. They are Performing, Composing and Listening (and Appraising).

There are THREE main Study areas in Music.

  3. LISTENING (Appraising and Evaluating)

These three areas involve pupils being able to…

  1. Understand the nature of music
  2. Communicate through creative music making
  3. Evaluate their learning to inform good practise.

The pupils sing together as a class every lesson and performance opportunities are given for all pupils.  Different aspects of their learning are introduced by listening to music and identifying its musical features. Pupils work in groups and create their own compositions and/or arrangements of music which are filmed, viewed and peer/self-assessed.

Pupils at Kirkburton Middle School receive instrumental and vocal lessons through Musica Kirklees.  An application form for these can be acquired via the School Office or available to download from the Musicakirklees website at www.musicakirklees.org

In order for KMS to make arrangements for teaching to commence in September 2017, application forms will need to be returned to the Music school via the School Office by Friday 16th June 2017.