“<Pupils> take seriously their roles as ‘befrienders,’ young leaders and ambassadors, and peer mentors, supporting one another well, to make sure that no-one feels left out of school life. As a result, few pupils are absent regularly and attendance is above average.”

“Pupils go out of their way to include one another in friendship groups, school visits and activities, so that no one feels left out. School councillors and ‘befrienders’ are particularly active in making sure that pupils in all years feel safe and confident in their lessons.”

Ofsted April 2015


The Befriender Promise

We Befrienders promise not to tell anyone about your problems. We will not talk about what you tell us to anyone EXCEPT if someone is getting badly hurt then we need to tell an adult befriender. We would like you to return if the problem continues.



If you have a problem or any concerns in and out of school, then you should come to the befriender drop in sessions, where the year 8 befrienders are trained to help you.

“We asked lots of questions and the Befrienders answered them all”

Befrienders is a peer support network which provides a service for any child who feels they need someone to talk to.

Befrienders are volunteers from Year 8 who are trained to deal with any problem which may be presented to them. This training includes guidance on when to maintain confidentiality and when a problem is serious enough to be passed over to an adult.

Befrienders meet year 5 children when they go with Mrs Jackson to visit our feeder schools.  Befrienders show the children photograph albums and share their own experiences of Kirkburton Middle School.  The same Befrienders are then assigned to specific year 6 classes and support the new pupils on their transfer day in the Summer and when the children start school in September.

“I love being a befriender”

Befrienders are allocated to each Year 6 class. They meet the children twice or three times per week to support all children in their group. Befrienders also act as guides to show visitors and new parents and children around our school.

Befrienders not only provide terrific support to other children in school, but also benefit enormously themselves.   Being a Befriender is a great responsibility which the children handle with maturity and respect.

Befrienders play a vital role in the day to day running of Kirkburton Middle School, the service is closely monitored and supported by adult Befriender Mrs Jackson.