Kirkburton Middle School provides pupil intervention through a number of routes, taking funding from the main school fund and the allocated Pupil Premium Funding.

Intervention is provided as follows:


  • Pupils with Special Educational Needs are allocated additional support via the SEN department in line with their needs, this may also include additional Writing, Reading or Maths support provided by the SENCO and / or members of the Educational Teaching Assistant team.  63 pupils received additional intervention over and above normal differentiated teaching.
  • Pupils receiving SEN(D) support improved their year on year average 3 year point score by 0.9 in 2012 (7.6 points) from the average 2011 grade (6.7 points).
  • The school accesses the Reading Matters support programmes, in total 8 pupils benefitted from this programme last year, each showing a notable improvement in the reading and understanding or the written word.

Specialist Teachers

  • Over the 2011-12 Academic year KMS employed a specialist English teacher (15 hours) and a specialist Maths teacher (10 hours)to work with pupils who were part of the FSM register (Pupil Premium funding) or notably weaker than other members of the school population in English or Maths (funded from the main school budget).  This group of children totalled 48 across years 6, 7 and 8 in English and 34 pupils in Mathematics.
  • Low attaining pupils receiving Specialist Teacher intervention improved their year on year average 3 year point score by 1.2 in 2012 (8.0 points) from the average 2011 grade (6.8 points).
  • In addition to these hours a further 5 hours per week were provided to extend Gifted and Talented Students in Maths, over a period of 12 weeks, 12 students accessed this programme.

External Support

  • Over the course of the year 36 students attended the Success Centre in Huddersfield developing their Maths and English Skills.  This programme targeted FSM pupils and was funded via the Pupil Premium.
  • Pupil progress within this group was no different from other pupils, because no significant gains were made this programme will not be repeated.

Social and Personal

  • Over 30 Pupils have participated in “Open Door” a support and nurturing group designed to improve pupil’s well-being.  These pupils have been tracked through the behaviour monitoring system and show notable decreases in disruptive behaviour, an increase in social skills and many have gone on to become pupils with responsibility in the new school year.  (9 of these pupils were funded through EVER6, the remainder through school funding.)
  • Throughout the year a number of pupils (19 funded by Pupil Premium) have received time and support in developing their social and personal skills through specially developed clubs.  This has been completed via a number of clubs and groups: Rockets club, Science Club, Go-Cart Club being the main avenues.


Progress of pupils in English and Maths on the SEN or EVER6 registers:

Pupil Progress   Exit 2011              All          8.1 points

Pupil Progress   Exit 2011              SEN       6.7 points

Pupil Progress   Exit 2011              FSM       6.8 points


Pupils Progress Exit 2012               All          9.0 points            + 0.9

Pupils Progress Exit 2012               SEN       7.6 points            + 0.9

Pupils Progress Exit 2012               FSM       8.0 points            + 1.2


Over the academic year September 2011 to July 2012 the school funded pupil intervention from three key avenues, SEN(D) budget, Pupil Premium and main school fund.  SEN(D) funding is generally specific to individual pupils and figures are not presented here.

Funds spent on intervention in academic year 2011/12: £25,424.73

Of which:

  • Pupil Premium Funding on pupil intervention:    £19, 525
  • Additional funding from school fund:                  £5,899.73