• What is music?
  • Notation
  • Vocal Samba
  • Christmas music

Pupils learn about the different aspects of music and what it involves. The key element words are taught and the pupils take part in a selection of different activities to show their understanding of these.

Music literacy is introduced and pupils learn about different musical notes, shapes, values and their matching rest as well as developing an understanding of the different signs and symbols used in music. They perform simple and more complicated rhythms and show their understanding of how to read the notations and fit their part into a group performance.

Pupils are taught about pulse and rhythm and take part in class and group performances of a vocal samba. Pupils perform a class vocal samba and then work in small groups to create their own group performance. Later in the year, we continue to develop our rhythm skills, and pupils perform together as class, an instrumental Samba using suitable Percussion instruments.

During the festive period pupils learn the popular favourite ‘Jingle Bells’ on the keyboard at their own level.  This part of their learning develops the reading of the notes on the stave, playing together as an ensemble and sharing solo/duet performances.


  • The Planets
  • Music Literacy

Pupils learn about The Planets suite by Gustave Holst. They will describe how music makes them feel, what it makes them think of and why. Pupils will work in groups to organise a composition to represent a Planet. This part of their learning allows them to use adjectives as a starting point. They will choose descriptive words to represent the planet and create suitable sounds using suitable instruments to represent the mood, feel and atmosphere of the planet. They will perform and evaluate their performances.

Developing knowledge and understanding of Music Literacy is continued and pupils are taught to compose a melody both as a class, in pairs or independently to be played by themselves on an instrument or by the teacher.


  • Sansa Kroma
  • The Orchestra

Pupils learn a short Folk song and organise a class performance of this. Using this model they then create their own group arrangement of the song using suitable instruments. Performances are filmed and shared for peer/self assessment and feedback is given.

A study of the different instrumental families and learning about the orchestra takes place during this term.