Introduction to KMS computer and network. Discussing the importance of setting secure passwords. The complete baseline assessment test.

They will use word document to produce a personal information poster “all about me” by using different font, colour, clipart, word art, inserting images, shapes and being able to edit their work.

To use MSW logo (programming software) to write an instruction for turtle to follow a route to create a shape. Then design and write their initials using turtle. Be able to save and load their instructions and edit their work and debug the instructions.



Pupil will be introduced to modelling; Excel – Spread sheet. Using spread sheet to change the cell size, format, input formula, use of auto-sum, and fill-handle. Then pupils will create a simple ICT model to work income of a tuck shop and out pocket money. Pupil can confidently use spread sheet to check if the formula has been correctly written or amend formula.

Using Microsoft power point to create a slide show for oncoming year 6 on “what to expect in KMS”. They will show daily routine of the school as well as using information from the school prospectus. To produce a slide show using all the feature of power point and being able to hyperlink it to appropriate pages.


Sequencing/Animation- Pupils will be creating an animation / game using “Scratch” software. The game will be created by drag and drop procedure from different fields to control, motion, sensing, look, The Game /animation should have appropriate theme must be aimed at right range of audience and run smoothly.

E-safety; Pupils will be using E mail to send and receive email within the school network. Can attach files retrieve sent and draft files. Pupils will also learn how to use internet and e mail safely. Pupils can write procedures confidently and use codes to colour the Text attach files and images.