Health and Safety – Emotional Well-Being

This unit looks at self-esteem, peer pressure, what makes us happy and body image. There is one lesson on road safety.

Careers & Economic Well-Being

Careers education is currently being revised at KMS. The curriculum is being re-written and a Careers Fair is being organised with Scissett Middle School for Spring 2019. Miss S Abbas is the Careers link for school.

The children evaluate their strengths and weaknesses, they analyse themselves as individuals and then begin to consider areas of work to which they might be best suited. The unit widens their knowledge of the world of work and the opportunities that are open to them.  For instance children consider all the roles within establishments such as hospitals, football clubs, and supermarkets.  They also think about qualifications they may need and how to achieve them and what they need to do in order to fully prepare themselves for the next stage in their education/ careers.

Drugs Education – Alcohol and Tobacco

Building on the work covered in Year 7 the pupils learn about Units of Alcohol and laws around alcohol use. They also look at the history of tobacco and how our views and attitudes have changed as our knowledge about the harmful effects of smoking has grown.

Relationships & Sexual Health Education
This Kirklees’ unit builds on the work covered in Year 6. Pupils consider how relationships develop as they get older and how and why some of these relationships might become sexual. Children think about stereotypes of ‘The Perfect Partner’, what qualities they look for in a person/partner, why people have sex, contraception, sexually transmitted infections and the laws around sexual activity. This unit also includes work on sexual exploitation and how to identify and avoid it.

Democracy & Government
This unit considers different forms of government and looks at the pro’s and con’s of our current democratic system. The pupils study local democracy and national government and think about how they can make a difference and have their voices heard through the democratic process.  Pupils look in particular at the roles and responsibilities of local councils.  This is related to pupil’s elections within school such as house captains and school councils.