Emotional Health and Wellbeing

We begin this unit of work by building on the work completed in Year 7 relating to Self-esteem. We consider the media, discuss body image and think how sleep can impact our wellbeing. We learn how to managing feelings, and learn what it means to have a healthy lifestyle and disordered eating.


Here we look at the impact of Cyberbullying, sexting, peer pressure and how the internet influences self-esteem.

Real Love Rocks

Students consider what a healthy relationship is. We also explore CSE and grooming, consent, Keeping safe, and consider the impact of pornography and sexting.


Here we expand students’ knowledge on the risks of Smoking, e-cigarettes and alcohol. We also consider how peer pressure can influence our ability to make sensible decisions.


We begin this unit with a Puberty re-cap. We cover the topics menstruation, relationships and consent, gender and sexuality, conception, contraception and parenthood.


Here we look at the school Anti-bullying policy. We discuss verbal bullying, consider the impact of our words, and think how we can deal with conflict.


In lessons we cover racism, homophobia, gender discrimination and ageism. We re-visit democracy, and discuss powerful people, local services and mutual respect.


Students discuss the world of work and re-visit the National Careers Service website. They consider who they are, and routes available into employment. The learn how to produce a CV, and learn the laws relating the child employment. To complete the unit, students learn about wages, employers and Health and Safety.