• The Percussion party!
  • Popular music in the classroom (1960’s- present day) Musical futures – Part 1

In the Autumn term the pupils rehearse, perform and evaluate a class performance of a score called, the Percussion Party. They will show understanding of the different signs and symbols used in the score and how the different parts are performed. A brief analysis of the score will take place showing an understanding of how the piece is organised. Pupils will take responsibility for their own part by working in a group of 6 and performing the piece independently.

In the term 2, pupils form a band and share some of the experiences of being in a Rock band. They study popular music from the 1960’s through the decades. Part 1 is an introduction to the instruments in a Band and how they are played. They learn the song ‘Wild Thing’ and learn the basics of playing the Bass Guitar, Electric Guitar, Drum kit and Keyboard. During lessons the pupils will rehearse with their Band and organise a performance of the song which they perform to each other. The performances are filmed and used for assessment purposes. Pupils will also learn about Guitar notation, sing popular songs together as a class, learn about song structure and how popular music developed through the decades.


  • Popular music in the classroom Part 2 (Musical Futures)

In Part 2 of Popular music in the classroom, pupils organise their own arrangement of a song of their choice.  They can either choose from a selection of songs or be responsible for choosing their own and organising the different parts. This part of their learning allows the pupils to work more independently, developing already existing skills.


  • An investigation into the musical genre ‘Blues’

Pupils recognise the genre by listening to examples of Blues music. They identify its musical features and show understanding by performing, using the Keyboard, the 12 bar blues chord sequence. Pupils learn a simple Blues tune, compose a Blues tune and lyrics for a song. They sing a selection of songs in the Blues style and learn about the origins and history of the Blues and its influences.