Year 8

Pupils continue to learn French for 2 hours per week. 2 classes are taught in adjoining classrooms, which gives us greater flexibility with groupings, which enables us to focus the learning to help pupils to make progress at their own speed. This gives us the opportunity to vary the structure of the learning to suit the cohort of pupils. The main aim of the course in Year 8 is to develop confidence and independence.

Autumn Term

Pupils learn to understand and create longer passages of spoken and written French, revisiting regular and irregular verbs in the present tense and developing use of the future tense and of modal verbs . Pupils learn to make invitations, and accept or refuse those made by others. 

Spring Term

Pupils continue to develop greater depth in their understanding and production of the language through the context of TV and film. Culturally pupils consider how French TV schedules resemble those of Britain, how English language films are watched in French cinemas and how current TV programmes such as the Great British Bake Off transfer to a French audience. The grammatical focus is on the use of the passe compose with avoir.

Summer Term

Pupils begin the term by beginning to pull together learning to start to control their own production of the language across all persons and through 3 tenses and to understand longer, more-complex spoken passages. The passe compose with etre is introduced through the context of travel and holidays.