Good housekeeping – Pupils will start by organising folders for their work of different year group subjects.

Key skill – To learn about Basic information on hardware and software of computer and how they work.

Modelling – Spread sheets will be used to create a working model for a mobile phone company. Using goal seek to answer a trial and error condition and “what if” questions.

Then they will use the model to create a different situation to work out which mobile phone will be the best to use for different users which have varied use of talk time.


Web page design – Pupils will plan, organise and create a personal web page. The web page should contain video, sound, music, images and animation. Pupils learn about copyright and licencing. The work must cater for the target audience. Pupils compare three web sites and write criteria for the assessment of their work.


Game maker – Stop frame animation. Pupils will use this software to create a Game. This involves creating the characters, background and motion effect for the background and different levels.

Moviemaker – Pupils will be using moviemaker software to create a 30 second advert about a holiday resort with create in the beginning and the end. They will choose the holiday place; obtain images about the various location and hotels and places of interest. Pupils must be able to persuade other to visit their holiday destination.