During Year 8 Pupils are expected to make progress against a range of Key Performance Indicators as outlined below

KPIs (Based around an idea of Historical Concepts)

1. Knowledge and understanding (Including historical vocabulary and Chronology)
2. Writing – Communicating using Analytical narrative
3. Using Evidence
4. Historical Interpretation
5. Cause and Consequence (Including Significance)
6. Change and Continuity (Including Similarity and Difference)

These KPIs are assessed throughout a range of topics

Autumn Term

Pupils study the Industrial Revolution. They look at big changes that were both cause and consequence of the changes that took place, such as population and demographic change as well as technological developments and the growth of towns and cities.

Spring Term

Having studied the impact in Britain pupils turn their attention to international trade and study the Slave trade. This looks at Britain’s involvement, life on Plantations in America and then finally the abolition of slavery.

Summer Term

Pupils study WWI. They study both the long and short term causes of the conflict as well as the nature of trench warfare and the impact of new modern weaponry in warfare. Shelley College follow this unit in year 9 by looking at the Peace Treaty and the interwar years.