Resistant Materials

Pupils will study a range of design movements and do a full design and make project for a free standing clock, based on the work of their chosen design movement.  They will develop their CAD/CAM skills further and can choose to use whichever tools and machines they feel are appropriate including the laser cutter or 3D printer.




Food Technology

In food, pupils will learn how to make bread and a pizza which will help them achieve their silver challenge. They will also learn how to adapt recipes and the effects of too much saturated fat, sugar and salt in their diet.

Pupils will develop their own three course meal based on skills learnt previously.






Resistant Materials

In Resistant Materials pupils will develop a range of products to be sold in a gift shop based on Bio-mimicry.

This project will allow pupils to select and develop many of the skills learnt in previous projects including CAD/CAM and enamelling.



In textiles,  the theme is sustainability where pupils work in small teams to produce an artefact from an existing product. They will be encouraged to use a wide variety of skills including CAD/CAM and e-textiles, incorporating electronics where appropriate.