Year 6

Pupils have one French lesson per week and the aim is to build upon the experience and enjoyment of language learning that pupils have encountered in their First Schools. 

Autumn Term

This term we focus on personal information, picking up on and developing language introduced in the First Schools. We cover talking about ourselves, ages, birthdays and pets. Much of the content is linked in with literacy skills, so that we think about how to make nouns plural in both French and English, how adjectives differ in where they are placed and how we can develop adding detail and interest to our sentences.

Spring Term

This term the focus is on life in school. We find out more about schools in France and the school timetable and consider how education in French speaking countries is different from our own. We learn to talk about likes, dislikes, and give opinions. There is a focus on developing sentence structures and beginning to use subordinate clauses.

Summer Term

This term we widen out the focus to enable pupils to talk about their hobbies and leisure time activities, using a range of verbs in the first person. They build on the sentence structures previously encountered and begin to develop short written paragraphs and brief conversations.