Topics may vary from class to class at different times in the year

Speed and forces
Pupils will use investigate the need for evidence and how we ensure that data is accurate and reliable. They will equations and rearrange them using correct units of speed, distance and time. Pupils will be introduced to forces and their effects and investigate ideas about weight, mass and gravitational fields.


Pupils will  explore the skeletal and muscular systems and relate the organ systems of the body to the cells tissue that make them up. They will compare plant and animal cells and make cell models. 

Pupils will explore the difference between physical and chemical change and investigate some simple chemical reactions using metals and non-metals. They will look at the differences between acids and alkalis and what happens when they are reacted together.

Ecosystems and genes

They will learn about plant reproduction, human reproduction and the development of the baby during pregnancy. They will be introduced to simple genetics as the mechanism of inheritance.


Pupils will calculate energy costs, explore energy transfers and the different types of energy.Pupils will look at the production of electricity and the need for more renewable sources of energy as well as explore the evidence for climate change


Pupils will study Earth’s place in the Solar System and the wider Universe and learn that space cannot be measure in terms of simple lengths. They will explore the concept of the day, the year and the seasons as they apply to all planets in the Solar System, as well as developing a wider understanding of the force of gravity.

Pupils will also undertake periodic tests and key assessments to aid learning.