What is Britishness?

The pupils look at the true diversity of British culture and how the history of Britain has created today’s society. They look at our history and heritage and how international influences blend with our own to make our society what it is, using poems from Benjamin Zephania.  Pupils research their own multicultural background i.e. relatives from overseas.  The aim of this unit is to develop the children’s understanding and tolerance of other cultures and backgrounds and to celebrate differences between individuals and groups.

Citizenship – Rights and Responsibilities

This unit looks at forms of racism, sexism, ageism and studies stereotypes. It also considers the rights we have as individuals at different stages of our lives and how, as those rights increase, so do the responsibilities which accompany them.  The children consider how they can make a positive contribution to society (within school and within the local and wider community.)  This unit develops an awareness and understanding of the needs of others and what it means to be a truly democratic society which has a fundamental belief in equality.

Drugs Education – Solvents & Alcohol

Pupils cover work on the effects of solvents and alcohol in particular on the mind and body and the impact drugs can have on behaviour and emotional and physical wellbeing. They think about risk assessments and the skills of decision-making. They also use role play to consider peer pressure. The unit finishes with training in basic First Aid and what to do in an emergency.

Financial Awareness

This unit covers finance and budgeting money.  Pupils develop an awareness of financial terms that they would need to know in adult life.  They learn to budget money and how to save.  They learn skills to prepare them to become independent adults who are able to manage their own money.

Criminal Law

This is a module where pupils understand the difference between right and wrong.  They learn the importance of having laws in society.  They will discover laws that relate to them and their age group. Pupils will develop mutual respect for other people and their properties.