Year 7

In Year 7 we move to 2 lessons per week in French. As pupils have become proficient in working in the first person in Y6, we immediately move into broadening the scope, first of all into third person and then gradually into all persons. The grammatical tools needed to become independent begin to be introduced at this stage.

Autumn Term

Pupils start by beginning to talk about family and then about the home, picking up the skills they have learnt in the first person about likes and dislikes and transferring them to the 3rd person. They develop their understanding of adjectives and start to work out how to make them agree. Culturally, pupils encounter a French fable by La Fontaine and we watch animated versions of fables in French. Pupils learn to understand French handwriting and practise it themselves on French writing paper.

Spring Term

Pupils continue to develop their grammatical skills using the home, then healthy eating as the contexts. They learn to understand and negotiate a French Estate Agent’s website and consider how homes in different French speaking areas may differ. They talk about where they live and what the area has to offer. Regular verbs in the present tense are introduced. We learn the vocabulary for food and drink, working with Euros, which involves being confident with numbers to 100.

Summer Term

The focus in the units studied this term is on cultural differences and challenging stereotypes. There is a cultural introduction to pays francophones. Difference in lifestyles around the world are explored and from this comparatives are introduced (le/la moins…le/la plus…il/elle est plus). Pupils reinforce their understanding of the partitive article (du, de la, de l’, des), with sports . Pupils revisit er verbs and learn the present tense of the irregular verbs faire and aller. This gives the opportunity for the more able pupils to be able to extend their understanding into the simple future tense. Set phrases in the past tense and conditional tense are introduced.