Pupils are taught file management and reminded about importance of secure password. File Management including creating folders for different subjects.Modelling – Spread sheetPupils create spread sheetswith formula and answer simple queries. They learn how to create, investigate and amend an ICT base model. Pupils will be able to carry out some line of query and answer some “what if” questions using their ICT model.

Control Technology – Using Logo to create some complex patterns. Pupils will create tile patterns using complex procedures (procedures within procedures). Pupils can write procedures confidently and use codes to colour the patterns.



Application of Draw plus software – Pupils will learn how to use draw plus facility to create background and stick men for use in the animation module.

Animation – Pupils will use the skill they have gained in previous module (draw plus) to create/export background for their animation work. They will plan and create an animation of about 15 seconds. Pupils will create the background appropriate to their theme of animation and movement of the foreground character.


Data logging- Pupils will learn the use of data loggers, their applications in work, home environment and elsewhere. They also learn about usefulness of application in outside world and how do they work.

Pupils will use virtual data logger to simulate a virtual condition to activate a data logger. Pupils will answer a set of questions about data loggers.


Story Board- Pupils will be using draw plus software to plan a story with different ending. Then use power point to create a storyboard and hyperlink the option to right section of the story. Pupils then check the appropriate page is hyperlinked to correct part of the story and correct end page.