During Year 7 Pupils are expected to make progress against a range of Key Performance Indicators as outlined below 

KS3 KPIs (Based around an idea of Historical Concepts)

1. Knowledge and understanding (Including historical vocabulary and Chronology)
2. Writing – Communicating using Analytical narrative
3. Using Evidence
4. Historical Interpretation
5. Cause and Consequence (Including Significance)
6. Change and Continuity (Including Similarity and Difference)

These KPIs are assessed throughout a range of topics

Autumn Term

Pupils study the Norman Conquest of England. This study looks at the events of 1066 from January through to Dec and then on the methods used by the Normans to conquer and control Saxon England

Spring Term

Pupils study Medieval Life. This study looks at living conditions and looks at the social, economic and political consequences of the Black Death.

Summer Term

During the third term pupils study the early modern period and how political power began to shift away from the power of monarchy.