Autumn Year 7

Using the new highly acclaimed GA resources Into Africa pupils will study aspects of the African continent that are linked to our lives. This will include tourism, food, football, mobile phones and Comic Relief.

Problems of desertification and inadequate water supplies will be studied and how the issues are being addressed.


Students will be taught the skills needed to use an Ordnance Survey Map. This will include, grid references, map symbols, direction, height, and scale, enabling students to describe with accuracy a local route.

Spring Year 7
The restless Earth
Pupils study the structure of the earth looking at plates and plate margins. Earthquakes are studied in detail covering primary and secondary effects, the Richter scale and aid. Case studies will be produced by pupils completing their own front page account of a recent earthquake.


Summer Year 7
The three R’s; recycle, reuse, & reduce
Pupils will compare renewable and non-renewable energy resources, and how electricity is made. They will look at the advantages and disadvantages of nuclear power. Saving energy, global warming and related issues, greenhouse gasses, composting and sustainability.

Students study the formation of limestone and associated features. Fieldwork at Clapham, in the Yorkshire Dales enables pupils to experience and see what they have been studying, visiting the Ingleborough show caves.
The effects of tourism and conflict are studied with pupils completing a decision making exercise, based on the village of Clapham..