Pupils will do two 9 week projects on rotation

Resistant Materials

As an introduction to the subject and to Health & Safety, pupils will learn how to use many basic tools and machines by designing and making a storage container.  They will be introduced to CAD/CAM and learn how to use the 2D design CAD software package and will use the vinyl cutter.

Food Technology

Pupils will learn about the benefits of 5 a day and make a selection of fruit and vegetable dishes.


Spring /Summer

Pupils will do two 9 week projects on rotation.

Resistant Materials

Pupils will develop their 2D design skills and will use CAD/CAM to design, make and package a novelty pen using the laser cutter.


In textiles, pupils will learn about cotton and how to use the sewing machine. They will design and make a bag for their chosen target market and will add decoration using simple techniques such as applique, screen printing, laser cutting or sublimation printing.