`The high levels of care, good relationships with adults and steps taken to keep them safe mean that they feel secure.  Pupils say they feel well-known as individuals and that they are treated fairly.’

(Ofsted : April 2013)

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We aim to ensure that every child is a happy and confident member of our School community.

Child Protection and Safeguarding

Each pupil’s welfare is paramount and all members of staff have a responsibility to help keep children safe.   Mrs Jackson is the Designated Senior Leader responsible for Child Protection at Kirkburton Middle School.

If you have any concerns about a specific pupil or about Safeguarding in general please share your concerns with Mrs Jackson.

Kirkburton Middle School’s Safeguarding, eSafety Anti-Bullying and Behaviour Policy are available here on this website for perusal. Below is a link to the Kirklees Safeguarding Board website which has some useful information for parents and carers.

Kirklees Safeguarding Children website.

Pastoral Form Tutor Groups

Every pupil is a member of a Pastoral Form Tutor Group. In year 6, Key Stage 2 pupils are placed in pastoral form groups which contain pupils from a range of feeder schools. We always try and place children with someone from their previous school whenever we can.   At the beginning of Key Stage 3 the Year 6 pastoral form groups are re-arranged to create new forms which contain a mixture of year 7 and year 8 pupils. This helps to improve relationships between different year groups and gives our older pupils more responsibility looking after the younger pupils in their group. As in Key Stage 2 each form has a Form Tutor who will remain with the form for two years rather than one year. Year 7 and 8 pupils are only mixed in pastoral form groups not subject teaching groups. Subject teaching groups of the same age are created by combining two form tutor groups together.

Pupils are also organised into Pastoral Areas. These are named after the Pastoral Achievement Leaders. Year 6 pupils are in Procter Area. Year 7 and Year 8 pupils are
in either Papworth or Martin Area. Pastoral Achievement Leaders ( PALs) provide extra support and guidance for pupils and staff in their care.

Where parents are particularly concerned about their child, whether it is concerning work, health or other problems, they should not hesitate to contact their child’s pastoral form tutor or Pupil Achievement Leader in order to discuss the problem. Form Tutor’s and PALs will involve other members of staff should the need arise; Mr Johnson (Headteacher) Mr Clay (Deputy Head) Miss Burns (SENCo) and Mrs Jackson( Assistant Headteacher).   We would encourage parents to communicate any information that would support their child in school including changes in circumstances, health or behaviour.

Our pastoral team work with many outside agencies to support a diversity of needs, these include: Educational Psychologist, Attendance and Pupil Support Team, Social Services, the Police, School Nurse, ChEWS ( Children’s Emotional Wellbeing Service) Occupational Health, Physiotherapists and Speech and Language Therapists.


Some members of staff and selected Year 8 pupils are specially trained as Befrienders.  Befrienders are available to listen and help any pupils who might be having problems at school. Two Befrienders are attached to each Year 6 form so the younger pupils have someone to turn to for advice if needed.   Befrienders also support children at “Open Door”, a lunchtime club that encourages children to make new friends and develop new social skills.

First School children visit our school in the summer term. The children spend a day familiarising themselves with the school environment, staff and getting to know other children in their form from other feeder schools. The children are re-acquainted with Befrienders who visited them at first school earlier during the year and supported by them throughout the day. New parents are also invited to a meeting during the Summer Term to meet Form Tutors, other members of staff and are invited on a tour of our school.

Parents Meetings

Parents and pupils in year 6, 7 and 8 are invited to pastoral meetings with their child’s Pastoral Form Tutor during the first half term of the academic year to ensure pupils have settled well into school. Subject specific parent/pupil meetings are held at a later date in the year.

For further information about Pastoral Care please contact your child’s Pupil Achievement Leader or Mrs C Jackson, Assistant Headteacher.