Year 7 Parents evening

  • Click the name of the teacher that you wish to see, enter your child’s full name and click the radio button for the desired time. 
  • Either scroll down to the next teacher or click the original teacher to minimize their appointment list before selecting the next teacher. 
  • You need to type your child’s full name in each time
  • Once you have selected all of the teachers and times for the appointments that you wish to make, enter your own name and email address at the bottom along with the booking code as stated on the letter/email from school.  Please ensure that you have booked all your appointments for the same date, in most cases there will be TWO available dates.
  • Press book and you will be emailed a list of your confirmed appointments.  Check your spam folder if you have not received the email.  However, even if you do not receive the email, if the system has confirmed your appointment on screen after you have submitted your request, it WILL have been saved.  It may be a good idea to screenshot this for your records.
  • If you get an ERROR message, then make sure you have entered your child’s name, your own name and email address and the booking code.  If any of these are missing it will fail.

You can make changes to your appointments by re-entering this system with the exact same details as you used on the original bookings.

As ever, if you are unable to attend an appointment at the last minute, call school on 01484 222737, thank you. 


Parents Evening Booking Form -

Class Mr Papworth Mr Papworth

Class Mrs Jackson Mrs Jackson

Class Mrs Procter Mrs Procter

Class Mr Martin Mr Martin

Class Mrs Aaron Mrs Aaron

Class Ms Abbas Ms Abbas

Class Mr Bennett Mr Bennett

Class Miss Charlesworth (Maths) Miss Charlesworth (Maths)

Class Mrs Charlesworth (DT) Mrs Charlesworth (DT)

Class Mrs Crowther Mrs Crowther

Class Mrs Hallas Mrs Hallas

Class Mrs Hudson Mrs Hudson

Class Ms Kaye Ms Kaye

Class Mr O'Brien Mr O'Brien

Class Mrs Price Mrs Price

Class Mr Sallu Mr Sallu

Class Miss Seedat Miss Seedat

Class Miss Sharples Miss Sharples

Class Mrs Sheridan Mrs Sheridan

Class Mr Smith Mr Smith

Class Mr Tyson Mr Tyson

Class Mr Parker Mr Parker

Class Mrs Waterhouse Mrs Waterhouse