Mathematics Overview

Our aim is for pupils to enjoy Maths and be able to use their skills throughout life and not only as a means of passing tests and exams. Mathematics is central to our understanding of the world in which we live, to our control of our environment, and to the organisation of our society. It underpins science, technology, medicine, economics and government. We believe we offer a programme which enables all pupils to reach their potential and provides them with a necessary grounding in mathematics for life after Kirkburton.ofsted_maths

Pupils are given the opportunity to work in pairs and groups where they learn to work with each other and understand how different people solve problems in various ways. Pupils are encouraged to respect the opinions and beliefs of others when discussing mathematics. Pupils will learn the origins of mathematics and that it comes from different cultures.
The moral development of pupils is an important thread running through the mathematics programme. The pupils take part in various projects using maths in real life contexts, applying and exploring the skills required to solve problems. Year 8 pupils have looked at ‘Pay Day Loans’ and the choices and implications involved in these.
Throughout the Maths department pupils are put into sets according to their ability. We are keen to stress that these are not fixed and through constant monitoring and assessment pupils move both up and down sets.
We follow national guidelines as the basis for our schemes of work. The modules we teach usually last for two to three weeks. Each module is then assessed with a short test. Pupils will cover work on number, calculations, shape, space and measures, handling data and algebra. They will also practice using and applying mathematics in a variety of contexts therefore developing the functional aspect of Maths.
Each pupil has a record booklet which is used in lessons so that they can track their own progress. Each major assessment is also recorded on their ‘flight path’ which gives a visual representation of progress. Pupils are set, and set their own, targets for improvement which encourages independent work.
We offer several extra-curricular opportunities including the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) club. Pupils are entered into mathematics based quizzes against other schools and we also participate in the annual UK Maths Challenge.

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