Gifted & Talented

Definition of Gifted and Talented (G&T)

‘Gifted and talented’ describes children and young people with an ability to develop to a level significantly ahead of their year group (or with the potential to develop those abilities):

  • ‘gifted’ learners are those who have abilities in one or more academic subjects, like maths and English
  • ‘talented’ learners are those who have practical skills in areas like sport, music, design or creative and performing arts

Skills like leadership, decision-making and organisation are also taken into account when identifying and providing for gifted and talented children.

Schools have a responsibility to meet the educational needs of all their pupils. For the gifted and talented, this includes providing greater challenges in lessons and opportunities for pupils to develop potential gifts and talents.

There are many different labels that can be given to able children. These include able, more able, exceptionally able, as well as gifted and talented. In addition many different percentages are given as to the expected numbers within these groups.

At Kirkburton Middle School we are looking to initially identify only the most gifted and talented. The figure would certainly be less than 5%.

Here are some examples where departments provide for G&T students:-


  • Pupils are taught in ability sets with extension activities to promote independence, with some activities due to be put on our website and VLE when introduced in September.
  • Carnegie group & joint activity with Scissett Middle School & Shelley College with teams competing in annual Kid Lit quiz and now Kirklees annual Lit Quiz at the Town Hall.
  • We hold a Scrabble club and hold Reading Challenge Awards


  • Pupils taught in ability sets with 40% of pupils taught in highest ability sets.
  •  Mymaths website allows individualised homework set to pupils’ ability with Booster lessons and revision online to suit every ability up to GCSE and A level
  • Text books regularly used up to Year 9 extension work
  • 40% of pupils in Year 8 entered in Junior Maths Challenge
  • 40% of pupils in Year 6 entered in Primary Maths Challenge
  • G&T visit to Bletchley Park for 19 pupils
  • G&T Y8 team entered UKMT Regional Team Challenge in York (10th/28) competing against Y9 pupils
  • G&T Y8 Maths Team enter Kirklees Maths Challenge. We have always finished in the top 5 of roughly 20 teams for previous 5 years

Modern Foreign Languages

  • G&T Day 2012 (German and French with support from  German language assistant at Shelley College and a Joint G&T project with Scissett Middle School planned for this academic year


  • Children perform in concerts and use different instruments in music lessons.  They are encouraged to extend their learning through involvement in extracurricular (Swing Band, Choir, String Group)

Food and Textiles (FT) and Resistant Materials (DT)

  • Pupils who excel in practical skills in design and technology are able to access marking criteria levels for each area of the subject by using AFL worksheets.   Pupils are encouraged to think for themselves solving problems which they encounter in designing and making.
  • In DT pupils work on open-ended activities therefore the more able student can make full use of their ability.  Whilst in FT  pupils are able to use extension material to enhance their understanding.
  • Previous year Gifted and Talented pupils have been engaged in a full day at Shelley College in their RM or FT departments;  working with jewellery designer Maria Lau and this Thursday 22 March a professional chef will visit and work with the children.
  • In FT pupils are entered into Active Kids Bronze and Silver Challenges. They are encouraged to enter competitions eg.2009 Breakfast competition 10 pupils submitted their entries and from that, pupils cooked their menu in school then 4 were chosen to be sent off to the National competition.

Physical Education (PE)

  • Provision of leadership opportunities within curriculum time such as leading warm ups.
  • Differentiation by task and challenge; differentiation by outcome.
  • Development of decision making/tactical skills in a variety of contexts with provision of nurturing to develop attitude and discipline.
  • Development of coaching and associated organisational skills within curriculum time and through Young Leader Opportunities.
  • Provision of extra-curricular opportunities and competitive scenarios. As our G& T pupils compete heavily throughout the year we offer support with balancing training schedules and homework priorities.


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