French Overview

At KMS our intention is to make the learning of languages an interesting and varied experience.

We aim to create, over the three years pupils are with us, a growing independence in learning a language, recognition and an understanding of the importance of other cultures in our modern world and the ability to transfer the skill of learning one language to the learning of others. In the global community in which we now live, languages have become increasingly important. The study of languages help us to understand the culture of others; language skills are sought after by employers and universities alike and many university courses require a language at GCSE as an entry point.

All classrooms have Interactive Whiteboards which are put to full use in the teaching of MFL. These allow the pupils chance to fully participate in lessons and enable the use of authentic materials from the web such as French Estate Agents sites and clips showing sports from French speaking nations in Africa which enhance the cultural understanding of the pupils.

The need to guide pupils to become more independent in their learning has led us to subscribe to a number of programs which can be accessed by pupils from home. Linguascope allows pupils to develop their own language skills and vocabulary independently and we find that many of our pupils are interested in transferring the language skills acquired in French lessons at school to the initial stages of learning other languages. Some homeworks are set online using Doddle, which allows full differentiation of work for different groups. In addition, we encourage the purchase of a subscription to Mary Glasgow Magazines which offer traditional magazine based text and activities alongside web-based materials. The magazines are colourful, modern and aimed at the interests of young language learners. Magazines are available at all levels and your child’s French teacher is always willing to guide you towards the relevant magazine. Spanish and German magazines can also be ordered.

The department offers a one week residential to France for pupils in year 7 in the Spring Term each year. The trip, at present with the company  Chateau Beaumont, is based on cultural understanding and language acquisition. Pupils have an excellent learning experience and language skills are boosted in a ‘real’ situation. Visits are made to Mont St Michel, the Chateau de Fougères, a goat’s cheese farm, the Refuge de l’Arche and the local market at Laval. Pupils produce a scrapbook about their trip and are encouraged to show creativity in how they choose to develop their personal project.

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