Our uniform has been drawn up following consultation with pupils and parents. Wearing uniform helps to encourage a sense of school community and helps to avoid the expense and stress that can be created by competition to follow fashion trends.  We ask for full parental co-operation in ensuring that children are suitably dressed and equipped for school

More extreme fashion statements, including certain hairstyles, unnatural hair colours (e.g. bright red, blue or green) or facial or body piercing (apart from pierced ears) are not acceptable for school.   Jewellery, make-up and nail varnish are not allowed in school.  The only exception to this is in the case of pierced ears, where one pair of very small plain studs are permitted, which must be removed for PE/games.


Each year an enormous amount of clothing is lost in school;  to help to minimise this all clothing should be clearly marked

GIRLS : Plain black crew neck sweatshirt with school logo and white school polo shirt with school logo.  Tailored black trousers or plain black knee length skirt (skirt with school logo).  (Opaque tights, if worn with a skirt, should be black.)  The shirt should be tucked into trousers or skirt if worn under a sweatshirt.  It may be worn outside the trousers or skirt if worn on its own.  Shoes and socks should be black and shoes should be flat or have a low heel (less than 4cm).


BOYS  :  Plain black crew neck sweatshirt with a school logo and white school polo shirt with school logo.  Plain black tailored trousers or shorts.  The shirt should be tucked into trousers or shorts if worn under a sweatshirt.  It may be worn outside the trousers if worn on its own. Shoes should be black and should not have a deep tread.  Pupils should wear a coat with a school sweatshirt in the colder months.  Non-school hoodies or sweatshirts are not allowed.  Hoodies make it difficult for children to hear instructions or for staff to recognise children.

Slogans or emblems are not allowed on any clothing or items brought to school.


The following are unacceptable for normal wear around school or when travelling to and from school:

  • denim, pinstripes, checks, colour mixes;
  • logos other than the approved school logo;
  • tracksuit tops or bottoms;
  • T-shirts, leisure shirts or polo neck tops;
  • mini/maxi skirts,
  • trousers with large outside pockets or external decoration, flared, cropped or straight legged
  • trainers, sandals, stiletto or high heels, ballet style pumps, canvas pumps, boots or any footwear with a deep tread.
  • Hoodies or non-school sweatshirts.

PRACTICAL WORK  Pupils are encouraged to wear aprons or similar protective clothing for Food Technology, Art and Design and Resistant Technology.  Pupils with long hair will need safe, sensible means of restraint for these lessons and for Science.

P.E. and GAMES

Indoors – School P.E. T-shirt in own house colours and plain black standard shorts or girls may wear school ‘skorts’.  Loose sports clothing can be dangerous.


Outdoors – as indoors with a change of socks and underwear, a school tracksuit (top with school logo) and trainers.  A towel is needed for both lessons.


We recommend that pupils who are playing hockey in P.E. wear a protective mouth guard. Gum shields may be obtained independently from sports retailers or seek further advice from your Dentist.

We also recommend that pupils are equipped with suitable footwear for P.E. lessons that take place on the all-weather area.   Preferably trainers should be of the type specifically designed for use on such surfaces, sometimes referred to as `astroturf’ and generally available from all good sports suppliers at no extra cost to conventional trainers.  All trainers worn should have a good tread.

School sweatshirts, polo shirts, P.E. t-shirts, P.E. shorts, Tracksuits and Trousers/Skirts are available from:


Term Time Wear: 5 St John’s Road, Huddersfield (Tel: 01484 453534)
Natasha Schoolwear: 2 Buxton Way, Huddersfield (Tel: 01484 431260)
Bridge Schoolwear, 4-6 Scar Lane, Milnsbridge, Huddersfield (Tel: 01484 655655) Uniform
Principle Uniforms, 2 Byram Street, Huddersfield (Tel: 01484 511190)



Published in compliance with Education Law.

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